Amaia Scapes General Trias - AMENITIES

This property development is a haven in its own right. Even if you chose not to step out of the community, there is so much that you can do and enjoy within the perimeter wall. Living a balanced life in a place full of healthy breathable air is what the concept of this community is built on. Among the features and amenities, you will enjoy right within this community include:

Retail Area

Shopping in this community is not just the act of getting the basic necessities, but rather an experience. The developers ensured that they set a spacious area dedicated for retail stores where families can freely walk in and out as they do their shopping. All the retail facilities are designed in such a way as to give everyone access including the physically disabled. This is truly a home everyone would want to belong.

Educational Facilities

A community as massive as Amaia Scapes General Trias, with 249 housing units and lot areas surely deserves a school to take care of the children. Within the perimeter walls and secured entrances is a school. The convenience this brings especially to parents with young children is simply unimaginable. Children won’t have to cross the streets or their parents paying for transport in addition to other education costs because right within the development site children can attain quality education.

Place of Worship

In respect of the various beliefs that people exercise in such a community as this, the least you can give them is a place to worship. Located in a strategic part of the community, the place for worship is spacious enough to accommodate a large number of people without interrupting the day-to-day activities of the rest. If you are looking for a place to meditate and connect with your spiritual self, this is the place.

Patio Green

Who doesn’t love a greener scenery where they can walk, lie down, and just relax as they breath the fresh air oozing right from nature. The patio green is one of those facilities that will get you out jogging or maybe walking. This is part of the overall health package. If you live in a place as accommodative and serene as this, many of the lifestyle diseases and stress-related illnesses simply melt away.

Village Patio

Do you have a get together or a summer weekend barbecue you want to enjoy with friends or just a few drinks as you reconnect with family and neighbors? Amaia Land has a plan for you! Its village patio is well-designed and spacious enough to accommodate you all as you enjoy the scenery in a quality pastime.

In addition to the above amenities, the development comes with a swimming pool which is one of those convenient facilities for families to have fun and socialize as they soak themselves in the azure blue waters.

  • The Retail Area
  • School
  • Place of worship
  • Village Entrance
  • Patio Green
  • Village Patio
  • Swimming Pool
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